1038.This question would be appropriate for use after a unit on oxymercuration and hydroboration-oxidation.

Can this ketone

be made selectively from an alkyne? If so, which alkyne?


1039. What is the structure of allene,


and what do its - bonds look like?


1040. This question can be used during a unit on functional groups in molecules.


contains how many alcohols?

How many ketones?

How many ethers?

1043. The selective synthesis of specific stereoisomers of epoxides can be performed using enantiomers of Jacobsen's catalyst and subtle changes in reaction conditions. Stereoisomers of phenylpropylene oxide,
, can be made this way.

What are the structures and names of the phenylpropylene oxide stereoisomers?

1044. This question would be useful after a unit on allylic halogenation. This optically active cyclopentene undergoes photolytic bromination with N-bromosuccinimide.



Would the products of this reaction retain the optical activity?

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