AMTA Webinar Series: Engineering in the Modeling Classroom


Free Webinar for all AMTA members!

The NGSS calls for the use of the engineering design process in science classrooms K12.  Let’s discuss what this means for the modeling classroom.   Bring your ideas about how and when to integrate the engineering design process and engineering projects into your classroom.  

This session will be hosted by Kathy Malone and Anita Schuchardt. 

AACT Webinar Series: A Visual and Intuitive Approach to Stoichiometry

This webinar will discuss how to approach teaching stoichiometry problems using a table set-up (commonly referred to as Before, Change, After tables) to make the process visually appealing and more intuitive for students. The process emphasizes proportional reasoning and explicitly connects the calculations to the particulate nature of matter.

Connections to equilibrium calculations will also be discussed to show how this method can easily be integrated in to your curriculum and benefit your students in more than one area.

Building Models of Isomers

organic model kit

Students will build models of isomers while the instructor walks around from station to station to critique the models. If the model is incorrect, the students rebuild until they get it right. The paper that accompanies this assignment is very easy to grade. 

Time required: 

one 50 minute class